Pharma Consulting

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Services Offered in Pharma Consulting


  • Accompanying policy during Creation of Spin Out and Spin Off,
  • Creation of Websites on projects, Creation of Logos & drawings for Spin Off's Projects and for Learning projects,
  • Due Diligence in technical developments (Pharmaceutical, Analytical, Chemical, Devices,...) and realisation of formulation and druge delivery projects
  • Innovation Management in Developments and Manufacturing departments, New Formulation developments
  • Management of  FP7 European project and of BioWin projects,  Team management,  
  • Project Management in technical developments (Pharmaceutical, Analytical, Chemical, Devices,..) and realisation of technical projects 
  • 8 Pharma Cies have already been helped with technical developments ( Acadiss s.a., UCB Farchim,  Auxin Surgery s.a.,  NIR²-FIR&T, Mithra Pharmaceuticals,  Qualicaps, BioTechTools,  Capsugel,  ... ) as well as 4 Spin-Off starts and 2 BioWin projects
  • Scientific & Entrepreneurial Counsel plus Coaching for 4 New spin-off projects from the University of Brussels (D-Mann, MIRSEC, NovInject  and  InhalEur) have been delivered and 3 of the 4 projects are now going on !