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About Deleersprojects


The company's purpose in Belgium and abroad : All consulting activities, study, research, prospecting, management, coordination, development, implementation and monitoring of all services and benefits under any general, in both public and private sectors, particularly in the areas of research, projects development, Pharmaceutical formulation and devices, industrial projects, design, illustration, Pharmaceutical technological innovation, information technology, IT, business analysis, training, supervision, and in general, any activity of advice.

There are 5 associates, all named Deleers.


Pharma Technology Consulting


The aim of our Company is to help other Companies and to drive projects in the field of Biosciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biotechs with mainly 3 different specificities.

The project management for new or existing projects in Pharmaceutical Technology Development with high level sciences and business skills. One of the partner has an experience of FP7 Health and NMP projects as well as a very good experience within BioWin projects in Belgium (SPW). The partner has an experience of 35+ years in the Pharma industry where he was VP of Pharma Development. The Project Management is seeking for highest valorization of your project. Side to the project management, we are helping Big Pharma to Small Biotech with new Technical Pharma Development for Drug Delivery Systems (DDS).

The list of projects realized for big pharmas as well as for spin-off or Biotech is submitted to a CDA.

The 2 other specificities are the support with information technology and dedicated & unique artistic communication drawings (see below). A joker for a last specificity is at the end of the page.


Information Technology consulting


We are eager to help you with the most appropriate design, simple and clear website for your business, for your spin-off, as well with the organization of other aspects of communication (one partner has a good experience in various well-known sites by Belgian public and we have already built about 10 websites very different). We provide maintenance and secure hosting for price defying any competition. 


Art and communication


Aspects of communication with original artwork, autographed works and simple graphics because "a picture is worth 1000 words" are there to help you (based on the experience of a partner in the graphics, cartoons , ads, brochures, logos, communication,  one associate is Professor of fine arts, ...) 


Architecture consulting


One partner is architect and has already worked as consultant for Brussels, NewYork & Montreal architecture offices.